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Why is your IVA Living Expenses Budget important. Items which can be included in the budget. Allowable expenditure levels. Get our Living Expenses Guide.

Use our friendly service to apply for an IVA. What our service involves and how much it costs. How long the service lasts and other key information.

When does your IVA finish? What is an IVA Completion Certificate? What happens to any unpaid debt? When does your Credit Rating improve?

When do you start to pay your IVA? What is an Annual Review? What if your circumstances change during an IVA? What if you get a Windfall?

How is an IVA accepted? Can creditors request changes to your repayment offer? What if a creditor rejects your IVA? Your options if the IVA is not approved.

How to propose an IVA. Completing a Financial Statement. Writing your IVA proposal. The documentation required. Submitting the Proposal to your Creditors

Key things that affect whether an IVA is right for you. The debt you owe. The required payments. Affect on your home. Other implications: Credit, Job, Car

The steps needed to start an IVA. How to decide if it is right for you. How is the Arrangement agreed? Paying your IVA. What happens once it is completed?

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