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Bankruptcy Assistance

Bankruptcy AssistanceWant help to go Bankrupt? Our Bankruptcy Assistance service ensures it is the right solution for you and the application process goes smoothly.

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Want help to go bankrupt? Give us a call (0800 180 8013) or complete the form below to speak to one of our experts

What our Bankruptcy Assistance service includes

Assistance with your Application
Your Bankruptcy application is made via the Government’s on-line system. During a telephone meeting we make sure your application form is completed correctly. Once submitted we will help you answer any questions raised by the Adjudicator.

If you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland the bankruptcy application process is different. Please contact us for more details.

Official Receiver Interview
After you are Bankrupt you have a interview with the Official Receiver (OR). We will prepare you for this making sure you are able to answer all the questions that may be put to you.

While you are Bankrupt
You will normally remain Bankrupt for 12 months. During this time we will use reasonable endeavours to advise you should you have further questions or a change in your circumstances.

The Cost of our Bankruptcy Assistance Service

We charge an upfront fee for our Bankruptcy Assistance Service. This is in addition to the Standard Bankruptcy Application fee which is also payable. Our fee is as follows:

Single person Bankruptcy Application:   £350
Couple Bankruptcy Application:               £575

Our fee may be increased for individuals or couples currently residing outside of the UK or who who require a more in depth assistance.

There is nothing to stop you going through the Bankruptcy Process yourself with no additional help from ourselves.

Duration of the Service

Once you have decided to use our Service you must sign and return our Letter of Engagement. Once this has been done and our fee paid we will start your Bankruptcy Application immediately.

We will arrange a convenient time to complete your bankruptcy application with you over the telephone. This will normally take 2-3 hours. Your application will then be ready to submit.

Once your application is submitted the Adjudicator has up to 28 days to consider it. However in most cases you will be bankrupt within 2 working days.

Our service will be considered delivered in full once your application documents have been submitted, you have been declared bankrupt and we have explained to you what to expect in your Interview with the Official Receiver.

More information about our Bankruptcy Assistance Service

Please click on the link below for additional information about our Bankruptcy Assistance Service including:

  • Key advice about Bankruptcy  (You are advised to read this before applying for Bankruptcy)
  • Service Terms and Conditions
  • Your right to Cancel
  • Your right to Complain

More information about our Bankruptcy Service

Government advice about Dealing with Debt

As well as the information found on this website the Government’s Insolvency Service has produced a useful guide to personal debt solutions which you might also find useful: “Options for paying off your debts”.

The Money Advice Service (MAS) are an independent service set up by the Government to provide people with free advice about all aspects of personal finances. For help from MAS if you are struggling with debt please follow this link: MAS – Help if you are struggling with debt.

It is also recommended that you read this one page document produced by MAS entitled “Dealing with debt – 5 things you should know”.

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