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Start an IVA

The steps needed to start an IVA. How to decide if it is right for you. How is the Arrangement agreed? Paying your IVA. What happens once it is completed?

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Mortgage after IVA

You can get a mortgage after an IVA. How long do you have to wait before applying? What deposit do you need? How much will the mortgage cost?

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Remortgage during IVA

Can you remortgage during an IVA? Will you be forced to release equity? What if the property is in joint names? Can you settle an IVA early by remortgaging?

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Do you want help to start an IVA?

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Who is IVA Expert?

IVA Expert provides all the advice and information you need about an IVA. If you want to start an IVA or are already in one, we can help.

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IVA Advantages

  • You have a definite end to your debt problem
  • You only pay what you can afford
  • Debt is often written off
  • Interest and charges are frozen
  • Legal actions stopped
  • You remain in control of your property
  • Company Directors can use an IVA
IVA Calculator

IVA Process